Wonderful Marketing And Personal Branding Secret’s That Will Blow Your Mind. The Last One Is Absolutely Stunning

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Do you want to Learn about Marketing and want to build your Personal Brand? Then you are in the perfect place.

In this article, I am going to talk about the fundamentals of marketing, the things you have to keep in mind before building a brand and it will help you to grow your career and become a master in your industry. This article is for those who are interested in Digital Marketing and Personal Branding.

At first, I am going to talk about the basics of Marketing

Marketing is all about the strategies and tactics brands use to promote their products or services at the right time and its sole intention is to inform the customer appropriately that you are the best at the moment to help them reach their goal with enough information and to take action.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. — Peter Drucker

But marketing is based on science, not on creativity. Also, Marketing starts before creating the product because before creating a product we need to understand that customers need it. And reaching to them with the right message, at the right time, at the right person.

Some people just focus on selling the products but it’s not like that. Marketing starts before creating the product and then selling it. And after selling it’s also about keeping the existing customer happy by sharing their feedback so that they can remain a customer.

Some people think that through marketing we can sell any product (Good or Bad). But this is not true.

We always need to focus on the quality of the product.

Sometimes we do not need to do marketing to promote our products.

A great product sells itself.

And the very important thing in marketing is word of mouth because the customer refers to their friends and relatives about you if the person is satisfied with your product.

Now you will get to know the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing includes any type of promotion through several conventional forms, such as –

Print media (newspaper and magazine ads, billboard ads, newsletters, brochures, leaflets etc.)

Broadcast media (TV and radio ads)

Direct mail (flyers, postcards, catalogs)


In Traditional Marketing, it is not possible to measure the result and interact with customers directly.

So, what is the solution?

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Yes, it’s Digital Marketing that solves the problem and it helps the customer to interact with brands directly and it is measurable. And we can understand our customers better here.

The various forms of Digital Marketing are

Content Creation

Social Media Marketing

Display Ads

Google Ads

Video Marketing

Email Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing is all about providing value to your audiences by giving them free value through your blog or content. And you can help your audience to reach your website, you can use Social Media Marketing, Display ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Paid advertising. You can also build trust by consistently providing them your valuable content. After gaining trust you can sell your products or services.

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Search Engine Marketing

When people want to know or buy something they search on google and google can show them ads to help them to reach their goal. But day-by-day SEM ads are increasing its price and sometimes it becomes higher than the product price.

Search Engine Optimisation

Here comes SEO, when the competition is very high we can use SEO to rank on Google and it provides long-term value but it is very time-consuming to rank on the first page of Google. But the value is much better than paid ads. And one more thing about SEO is because of some new algorithms updated by Google, it is very difficult to rank on the first page and if you get some social signals and there are so many factors you have to follow to rank on Google.

Social Media Marketing

To get the audience’s attention you can run Facebook ads to subscribe to your email list for a free course and then you can provide them free value by email.

Always try to give them free value to get their attention and by giving them value you also can build trust with them.

And after writing valuable content you also can share your content on social media and if they find your content valuable then they will share your content in their social media profile and also with their friends to read that. By this, your website will get some positive signals from google so that google can increase the reach of your content.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to get audiences’ attention and build trust by sending them new valuable content posted on your website and also directly to their email.

But how will you get anyone’s email?

By providing them the free value of any free courses just by sharing their email id and name.

And after following all the techniques and building trust with your audience you can sell your paid courses.

CATT Marketing Funnel

The CATT marketing funnel describes the cycle of complete lifestyle marketing from building a product to sell it to the targeted audience.

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But before that, I need to talk about the niche (n). Niche (n) is something you are passionate about and you have expertise in the niche and also there is a demand in the market for it. All equally need to fit in this. If you don’t have the combination of all these three you cannot market yourself or sell your products or services.

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CATT stands for

© Content — Create useful content that attracts people and there is a demand for it. Content is all about what you share on blog posts, videos, live webinars, lead magnets etc.

(A) Attention — After creating content you can drive the audience to your website by doing SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and referrals.

(T) Trust — The next step is building trust with your audience. You can build trust by using tripwires, marketing automation and retargeting.

(T) Transaction — This is the main step of this process. After building trust with your audience to convert them into customers with natural sales methods.

Personal Branding

Do you want to build your Personal Brand?

If your answer is Yes then

Before starting to build your personal brand some things you have to keep in mind

Building a personal brand is not easy. It takes time to build trust from people and show them your uniqueness.

This time starting with a broad niche is not going to be worth it because the competition is very high and people want to learn from experts.

Always try to be the only one in your niche. Do not try to be the No.1 in a broad niche.

And then choose a category and become a leader of that category.

Some of the famous brands we know that have become a verb these days like Google, Xerox and Zoom.

People will only remember you when you become the only No.1 or max. 2.

But Do You know why Personal Branding is Important?

Because the best known will always beat the best. You always need to let people know what you are doing by marketing. Otherwise how people will know you.

If you focus on building a personal brand within a few years you will understand that the opportunities you are getting are much better than your competitors.

All you need to do is to help them to grow their business or sell their products.

You can read this article about Personal Branding so that you can understand it better.

And people want to hear from people, not from brands.

Because if a brand is talking to you. You won’t believe it.

When building a personal brand try to go deeper.

And some personal brands are bigger than some companies.

But there are some downside and upside to a personal brand.

The downside of a personal brand cannot be invested in and it cannot be sold and the upside of a personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence.

A personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the companies that they run.

There is another way call MassTrust Blueprint to build Personal Brand

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The first Learn a new skill by concepts, facts, procedures and practice them.

After learning a new skill you can start working as an employee or as a freelancer.

And then you can start sharing your knowledge by doing Blogging so that people can learn.

After that, you can start Consulting with people and giving them ideas on how they can grow their businesses.

Then you can start Mentoring people to learn what you have learned and you can mentor so many people at a time through any digital medium.

And then you can start your own Startup by solving people’s problems and as per market requirements and launch your own product or service.

If you have any doubt regarding Digital Marketing, Check this article to know if it suits for you or not.


So, with this, we have understood how digital marketing works and some of the basics related to it. And it’s more important to sell good products through this medium and nurturing with the customers to make good relationships. But always focus on building a personal brand that will much helpful for you to become a master of this industry.

Thank you for the time you invested to read this article. It means a lot to me and I always try to provide you value through my content.

If this article helped you a little bit to know about digital marketing don’t forget to share it on social media. You are really awesome.

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