Guide For Keyword Research For Beginner’s


Do you how to do keyword research and what are the basics that you should follow as a beginner when you are just starting.

In this article, I am going to share with you the things that you need to know as a beginner before starting writing SEO content. That is “Keyword”.

But “What is a Keyword?”

A keyword is a single word or whole phrase people are searching.


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research usually means a process to understand that your target audience is searching to get their query done or to buy any products and services with a strong intent.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Its just because to understand what user’s are searching into the search engine. And also to know what peoples are not searching, just you do not create any unnecessary content that is not relevant to them. So always write content with keywords that can get you traffic, otherwise your content is for nothing.

How to find the right Keyword?

Maybe you are also thinking how to do keyword research or find the right keyword that help you to get you more business or solve a user’s search intent. According to your business or service, if you want to find those perfect keywords you can use some keyword research tools (Free or Paid). If you are just starting where you do not have much budget you can use free tools but if you want go the next level you have use the paid tools to get the perfect information about your competitors who are ranking on first position or trying to rank.

Keywords your competitors are ranking:

If you want to rank on some certain keywords, its not just like you easily can. You have find the keyword difficulty and see on your competitors who are ranking on the similar keywords. At the beginning its too hard for anyone wants to rank on keywords which are very competitive and as well as so many authority websites are ranking and search volume is much higher, try to find those keywords which maybe low search volume but the difficulty to rank is much easier.

But always remember SEO is a long term process to rank on some certain keyword that you wanted to.

If you don’t know the basics of marketing you can read this article.

But don’t try to compete with bigger brands (like Amazon, Flipkart), if you have an e-commerce store, try to find some similar websites that are just like you.

If you look at your competitor’s top pages that they are ranking, you will get some more new keywords that you could not think by just brainstorming alone and from them you will find plenty of unique keyword ideas by studying them.

After that if you are still not satisfied with those, you can study more keywords in the related competitors list to get more keywords they are ranking. By this process you will get lots of more unimagined keywords with low competition and try to rank by writing articles on those keywords.

Keyword Research Tool:

Researching on your competitors will obviously help you to get new keywords, but there are so many keywords that your competitors aren’t targeting and you can get those keywords by using keyword research tool. There are so many free tools but Google Keyword Planner known among them and it is mostly helps those who run paid ads, you can use it to do SEO for your website, but there are so many functions that aren’t available in free tools and few keyword planner tool give you limited information with their free tool.

If you are serious enough for keyword research, it’s better to use paid tools (like Ahrefs, SEMrush) to get more accurate data about your competitors and get more new keywords you possibly can rank.

How To Analyze Keywords:

Getting a lot of keyword ideas is good, but how do you know which fits right for you. The way is to use SEO metrics to get all the details like Search Volume, Clicks, Traffic Potential, Keyword Difficulty, Cost Per Click (CPC).

Search Volume:

Search volume tells us how many times a particular keyword people are searching on Google. Sometimes a single person search for the same keyword more than one time. If you are ranking at first position, it’s not sure that how much traffic you can get for the keyword. 

In some keyword planner tool there is an option to filter the search volume, so that if you are new it’s hard for you to rank any competitive keyword. So it’s easier that you try to rank any keyword with low volume and low competitive. Also try to rank on long-tail-keywords because very few people targeting it. 

After getting some traffic and trust on Google’s eye, you can try to rank medium-tail-keywords and then after working few years you can catch short-tail-keywords.

If you don’t want to limit yourself, it’s better to target globally to sell your products and services or answer user’s query but if you are targeting any country with low GDP and with high search volume, your earning will be much lesser compare to the country with high GDP, because the earning and spending capacity of an individual is higher at high GDP country.


People are searching on Google for something, but if they are getting their answers right on Google why they need to go on the pages that is ranking on the first page or on the first position. Google is also wants to answer those question right there. So don’t just check the search volume, also check how many are clicking on the ranking pages.

For few paid ads are perform better than organic results and for those keywords paid ads are the right choice. You will get the details related to how many people are searching and how many of them clicking. 

Traffic Potential:

If any website is ranking for a keyword on the first page or first position, don’t think that the website is ranking on a single keyword. Use any keyword planner tool to know how many keywords are ranking for the same page, because they have used some keywords with the same meaning (It is known as LSI keyword) and if anyone is searching for those keywords we can rank our websites for that. So when you are writing any article always try to add similar meaning keyword to rank for multiple keyword on a single page.

Keyword Difficulty:

When you are planning to write an article on a keyword with low keyword difficulty that means the search volume is not that much, because if you are new it’s hard for you to rank on a competitive keyword. But if you want to go for long run, add some high competitive keywords to rank on those keywords sooner or later.

Don’t just rely on low volume and limit yourself, if you want to make yourself a brand.

Use any keyword planner tool to know the keyword difficulty. 

Create quality content, engage with you audience, write content that fulfills their requirement and your focus must be creating a personal brand.

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